Get flowkey Premium for Free with your New Yamaha Digital Piano or Keyboard


Learn to play piano or keyboard with Yamaha and flowkey

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano or keyboard? Now you can learn to play all kinds of music at home and at your own pace, thanks to Yamaha and flowkey – one of the world’s most popular apps for learning the piano. For a limited period, you can get access to flowkey’s entire library of Premium songs for three months completely free of charge when you purchase a Yamaha digital piano or keyboard. No payment details are required to begin your membership.


What is flowkey?


flowkey is an exciting app for learning to play piano in an intuitive way, used by over half a million piano players. It offers a huge selection of interactive song tutorials and lessons that give you instant feedback and track your progress. By using flowkey together with your Yamaha digital piano or keyboard, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn to play your favourite music. flowkey is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Now, for a limited period, you can discover your musical potential with a very special offer from Yamaha and flowkey.

Discover more about flowkey

Get three months premium access to flowkey completely free of charge when you purchase a Yamaha digital piano or keyboard

With flowkey Premium, you get access to full range of songs and lessons for interactive learning. There are over 500 songs to choose from in a wide range of categories including classical, pop, film and many others. You can select from four difficulty levels to match your skill level as your playing develops. With flowkey, learning to play your favourite songs is a fun and exciting pastime that everyone can enjoy!

How do I get three months free premium access to flowkey?

1 .  Purchase a new Yamaha digital piano or keyboard between 15th July 2016 and 31st           March 2017

2.  Visit to register your instrument

3. Follow the link to the flowkey website and use your unique code to enjoy 3 months         premium access, worth €39.99,completely free of charge

Terms and Conditions

The Yamaha flowkey premium three months free offer is available when purchasing a new Yamaha digital keyboard or digital piano model listed below between 15/07/2016 and 31/03/2017:

    • Compact: P-45 P-115 P-255 DGX-650 DGX-660
    • Arius: YDP-142 YDP-143 YDP-162 YDP-163 YDP-S52 YDP-V240
    • Clavinova CLP: CLP-525 CLP-535 CLP-545 CLP-565GP CLP-575 CLP-585
    • Clavinova CVP: CVP-701 CVP-705 CVP-709 CVP-709GP
    • Modus: F02
    • Hybrid: NU1 N1 N2 N3
    • Piaggero series: NP-11 NP-12 NP-31 NP-32 NP-V60 NP-V80
    • EZ: EZ-220
    • PSR-F series: PSR-F50
    • PSR-E series: PSR-E253 PSR-E353 PSR-E443 PSR-E453 PSR-EW400
    • YPT series: YPT-240 YPT-255 YPT-340
    • PSR-S series: PSR-S650 PSR-S670 PSR-S770 PSR-S970
    • PSR-A series: PSR-A3000, PSR-A300, PSR-A350
    • Tyros series: Tyros5-61 Tyros5-76
  • This offer consists of three months of Premium access to flowkey.
  • No payment details are required to begin the membership.
  • At the end of the 3 month period, if you do not choose to upgrade your membership, your membership will automatically revert to the free Basic membership, with limited access to flowkey content.
  • This offer is only available with products purchased from a participating Yamaha dealer within Europe.
  • The product must be registered within six months of purchase date.
  • flowkey premium access must be activated within six months of the date when your product was registered.
  • Promotional codes not redeemed within 1 year of receipt will expire.
  • Internet access and a suitable computer/iOS or Android based tablet device (not supplied) is required to use this offer.
  • Yamaha cannot guarantee the availability or compatibility of flowkey on all devices
  • Each customer can claim up to a maximum of one offer and each promotional code can be redeemed only once
  • This offer may be amended or withdrawn at any time without notice or penalty



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Royal Irish Academy 2017 in Stock Now

RIAM 2017

For all those wanting to get a head start on this year’s Royal Irish Academy piano pieces we now have the 2017 Books from Elementary Grade to  Grade 5 in stock . Grab your’s now and beat the September rush .

Click here to buy get started now

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Yamaha Pianos at Montreux Jazz Festival


From July 1st to 16th 2016, the Montreux Jazz Festival celebrates half a century of music: a fascinating journey that started in 1967 and has since taken place every summer at the scenic Lake Geneva.

This year Yamaha is once again amongst the renowned production partners of the Montreux Jazz Festival. With a range of grand pianos from the model C5 to the impressive concert grand CFX, musicians and audiences alike can look forward to a breath-taking experience.

The program of the anniversary event perfectly reflects the historical importance of the Swiss festival. Tightly organised and with vivid performances, this year’s Festival has quite a few surprises in store. It is packed with numerous projects and evening events that have been created specifically for this occasion, combining friendships between artists and fresh new musical ideas in a unique way.

Amongst others, the line-up includes: Jamie Cullum, Neil Young, PJ Harvey, Sigur Rós, Patti Smith, Lana Del Rey, M83, Muse, Ernest Ranglin, Scofield Mehldau Guiliana, Christian Scott, Jean-Michel Jarre, Woodkid and friends, Beirut, Grimes…


Click here to Explore our range of Yamaha Acoustic Pianos

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New Cables from Legendary Pedal Maker MXR

Often Overlooked as a key element in preserving instrument tone ,choosing the correct lead can be a huge factor in getting the best possible sound from your instruments.

Having noticed that many standard cables seemed to degrade the sound to the point where the subtle enhancements of many of their famous pedals were being lost legendary pedal maker MXR set about designing their own range of cables to give the ultimate in tone , clarity and durability .

Feedback from their many MXR endorsees and users suggested that what most players wanted in a cable was high conductivity, low noise and a strong flexible outer shield that inhibits self tangling .

To meet this spec MXR’s engineers came up with a 24AWG oxygen-free copper core , 95% coverage spiral shielding to block out unwanted EMI and RFI interference and a heavy PVC outer jacket to ensure flexibility and protect against kinks and tangling.


Available in 10ft , 20ft and patch lengths with standard or pro connector types these cables are the last line in the battle to preserve the purity of tone of your cherished instrument .

Designed to take all the punishment a life on the road has to offer these cables will give pure un-coloured tone night after night gig after gig ,

No fancy colours , no flashy gold connectors that do nothing for your sound just good old fashion rock n roll tone and reliability ,you owe it to your instrument to check out these cables.

Click her to view the full range

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Zoom F8 Field Recorder


Multitrack Filed recorders have been used in the film and broadcast industry for many years but have always been prohibitively expensive for anyone other than the elite of film location recording engineers and sound designers. With the launch of their F8 Filed recorders Japanese company Zoom have set a new benchmark for affordable high end Field recording at a fraction of the cost but very similar spec to all the competition. Now you can add pristine audio quality to your Film production or sound design set up giving your projects more edge and realism than ever possible before.

With Eight high quality Mic  inputs with  120db of dynamic range and phantom powering, built in timecode, recording up to 192 KHz on eight tracks, remote operation via iOS device, multiple power sources including a HI Rose external DC connector for maximum battery life when recording in the field.

All these amazing features are built in to a very compact 178( H ) x 54 ( W ) x 140 ( D ) brushed aluminium casing with a very solid and durable feel.

Zooms years as the world’s number 1 maker of handy recorders means that the F8’s operating system is their most highly evolved , intuitive and dynamic yet allowing real-time control of both mix level and mic gain per channel on the fly when recording in the field . Navigating the menus is a breeze with the settings for most functions exactly where you expect them to be.

Having worked very closely with many of the worlds most renowned Film Sound Recordists Zoom have produced a Field Recorder that opens up huge creative possibilities for anyone involved in location sound recording or sound design .

Available now at just €1069 call in to one of our stores to get the full hands on experience and discuss how the F8’s quality and flexibility can help to enhance your next project .




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Taylor GS Mini Koa NOW IN STOCK

Taylor-MiniGSKoa-NewsNOW IN STOCK: Taylor GS Mini, Koa
The Taylor Mini GS guitar has wowed the world with its fun-size appeal. It packs a grown-up guitar voice into a scaled-down form that fits perfectly into everyday life. Having a Taylor Mini on hand is like having your songwriting muse on instant demand.

Inspired by the big, bold sound of Taylor’s Grand Symphony, the GS Mini scales things down without skimping on sound. The guitar manages to pack a ton of tone into a comfortable, travel-and couch-friendly guitar that’s full-voiced and incredibly fun to play.

Check it out here: or call into Waltons Georges Street or Waltons Music Superstore in the Blanchardstown Retail Park (beside TK Maxx).

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Focusrite Scarlett Gen 2 Launch

Focusrite Launches Second Generation Scarlett Series Interfaces

Focusrite today announced their Scarlett Generation 2 Audio Interfaces with a host of new upgrades including

New features

  • 24 bit 192 kHz
  • Low latency 2.74ms
  • more even gain structure
  • instrument input redesigned for hot pickups
  • Analogue protection circuitry to stop power surges
  • New metal gain controls
  • Sleeker chassis
  • Focusrite Control – for 6i6 and higher
  • Redesigned headphones and microphones for studio packs


New Software Bundle

  • Red 2 & 3
  • Softube Time and Tone
  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools First | First Focusrite Creative pack includes Pro Tools First software and the following 12 free plug-ins : Eleven Lite / In-Tune digital tuner / Black Op Distortion / Flanger / Vibe Phaser / Roto Speaker / Tape Echo / Studio Reverb / Gray Compressor / Sc-Fi Ring Modulator / Vari-Fi speed shifter / Graphic EQ
  • Bass Station
  • 2GB loopmasters sounds and samples

Stock will Be with us Next week , email us to reserve now ……

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Once in Waltons Music…

On April 28 2016, some of the cast of the smash-hit stage show ONCE gathered in Walton’s Music store to announce details of the 2016 summer run at the Olympia Theatre. They were joined by writer/director John Carney (Once, Begin Again, Sing Street) who came by to say hello and reminisced about filming some of the ‘Once’ movie in Walton’s Music store 10 years earlier.

Huge thanks to Walton’s Music store for hosting us and to John Carney for dropping in to say hello!

ONCE returns to the Olympia Theatre, Dublin for 8 weeks only in summer 2016

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Congratulations to all twelve Finalist schools who took part in the Waltons Music for Schools Competition today at the University Concert Hall. Limerick. They treated us to a simply wonderful afternoon of music. What a tough job the judges (Micheal O Suilleabhain and Gwen Moore) had in choosing the winners. After long deliberation these were the worthy winners:
Post Primary Schools Winners:
2nd Prize (€1500) SCOIL MHIURE, TRIM
Primary Schools Winners:


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Remo Belli (1927 – 2016)

Remo BellWhat Xerox is to copying machines and Kleenex is to tissue, Remo is to drumheads: a trademark that has become virtually synonymous with an entire product category. Remo Belli, the man behind the product, did more than anyone else to introduce the world to synthetic drumheads. With his passing, the industry has lost one of the few individuals deserving of the much-overused phrase “icon.” Not only did he revolutionize a product; he built a world-class company and spent an entire career promoting the benefits of drumming with an unmatched zeal. 

While the origins of rock ‘n’ roll remain the subject of debate, it’s safe to say the genre would never have gotten as far as it did without Remo’s synthetic head. Previously, drumheads were laboriously made by wrapping calfskin around a wooden hoop. As rock ‘n’ roll gained traction in the early 1960s, driving demand for drumkits, the makers of calfskin heads were simply unable to keep up. Remo’s Mylar solution, dubbed the “Weather King” because it was impervious to climate, saved the day, providing drum makers with enough heads to fill their growing order books.

The story behind Remo and his drumhead is a classic entrepreneurial tale. Born in Mishawaka, Indiana, Remo developed his interest in drums at an early age, watching his uncle’s polka band at the local Italian Club. His father urged him to take up the accordion, but he was determined to play drums. Remo, who often said the market for musical instruments was made up of “compulsive” musicians who had no choice but to play and “impulsive” musicians had only a passing interest, placed himself squarely in the “compulsive” category. 

By the time he entered high school, World War II had broken out and all the local drummers had been drafted. As one of the few drummers left in Northern Indiana, he soon had more gigs than he could handle. The varied performance experience honed his skills, and when he enlisted in the Navy at 18, he was immediately assigned to the Navy band.

After receiving his discharge, he moved to Los Angeles and began his career as a professional drummer. Starting in saloons, he quickly graduated to touring with singers Anita O’Day, Betty Hutton, and a host of other notables. When he was off the road, he was a first-call studio drummer.

Although Los Angeles had five drum shops at the time, Remo didn’t think any of them were serving the market properly. In 1950, with $2,300 borrowed from his parents, he rented a small space on Santa Monica Boulevard and opened Drum City. It quickly became a destination for top West Coast drummers.

Drum manufacturers began actively courting Remo, not just because Drum City was a growing customer, but because his proximity to leading players gave him unique insights into the market. On a visit to the Slingerland Drum Company in Chicago, owner Bud Slingerland asked for his opinion about a new head, made from Mylar, Dupont’s revolutionary new plastic film. Remo was impressed with the material, but immediately realized that a new technique was needed to attach it to the rim; tacks just didn’t work.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Remo’s accountant put him in contact with a chemist named Sam Muchnick, who devised an innovative solution: punching holes around the edge of the Mylar head and using a fast-setting liquid resin to bond it to a u-shaped aluminum hoop. The unique bonding system was patented in 1957, and Remo immediately began head production in a 500-square-foot space adjacent to Drum City.

As with any new invention, Remo’s synthetic head initially drew criticism from purists who argued that it “wasn’t the same as calfskin.” He responded by marshaling an all-star list of endorsers including Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, and Gene Krupa to vouch for the musical quality of Mylar heads. As demand for drumkits soared, manufacturers and retailers enthusiastically embraced the new head, and by the time the Beatles made their U.S. debut in 1964, the Remo Weather King had become the undisputed head of choice.

In the early 1980s, Remo developed a “Pre-Tuned” head, which involved tensioning Mylar film on a hoop without the use of any hardware. This invention led to the development of a broad line of world percussion instruments. It also dovetailed with Remo’s personal interest in drumming as a tool for enhancing human well-being. He explained, “Drums can be used by anyone for relaxation and enjoyment. They can be used for helping people with autism or Alzheimer’s-or for someone just showing up at a recreation center on a Tuesday night having a ball.” With his wife Ami, a holistic healthcare practitioner, he partnered with neurologists and education experts to develop wellness-based programs using rhythm. 

Remo Belli made the world a better place by giving drummers better tools, by pioneering the concept of music as a means of enhancing health, and by creating a valuable enterprise that employs hundreds. His name, emblazoned on millions of drumheads worldwide, is a fitting and perpetual epitaph.

Courtesy of

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