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Jim Dunlop | Obituary

It is with great sadness that Waltons has learnt of the death of Jim Dunlop, a proud Scotsman from Glasgow and founder of Dunlop Manufacturing, on Wednesday morning 6th of February at his home in California.

jim dunlop Stevie Ray Vaughan photoPictured above: Jim Dunlop (right) presenting a Gold plated Crybaby pedal to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Jim has been an icon of this industry for over 50 years, not only producing wonderful products including Tortex plecs, Jim Dunlop Capos, the Dunlop Crybaby and MXR pedals for millions of musicians throughout the world, but a great friend and supporter of musicians and many people in the Music industry. He was a wonderful supporter and friend to Waltons Music for the last thirty five years.

Anyone who met him could not but be taken by his warmth, charm and passion for life.

He will be greatly missed by his family and many, many friends and musicians throughout the world and all at Waltons.

May he rest in peace.


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Zoom Livetrack , the Mixer that does it all

The Zoom LiveTrak™ L12 and L-20 are the new digital consoles offering everything creators need to mix, monitor, and record complex productions. With 12 or 20 discrete audio channels and up to six individual custom monitor mixes, it’s built for bigger, bolder arrangements.


Its hard to think of a musician who would find this useful .

With the L-20 at €899 you get a mixer for live or studio work , a band rehersal tool with 6 separate Headphones Monitor Mixes , a 20 track recorder for gigs and rehersals and a 22 in 4 out Audio interface for recording to your chosen DAW .

If a high channel count is not a priority the L-12 at €599 offers a great mixer for live or studio work , a band rehersal tool with 5 separate Headphones Monitor Mixes , a 12 track recorder for gigs and rehersals and 14 in 4 out Audio interface for recording to your chosen Daw .

Click here for more info and videos

Both Mixers are also on Demo in our Blanchardstown Store  .

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The Amazing Nux DM1 Drumkit only €299

The Nux Dm1 Drumkit is an amazing value for money Electronic Drumkit offering all the advantages of full drumkit without the constant deafening noise . Perfect for the beginner who wants to practise silently at home and then Rock out at full volume in the rehersal studio .

Click here to Watch the Demo Video

Click here to Buy Now

The DM-1 is the latest innovation in electronic drum kit design engineered by NUX. Our new innovative design structure makes the DM-1 the lightest and most compact complete drum kit on the market today. We’ve carefully selected 20 drum kit variations and offer the ability to complement those kits with our proprietary “One-Knob” effects processing which offers players infinite possibilities and helps fuel the creative process. In addition, we’ve added a built-in coach function to help players maintain or improve their overall skill level as well as a record function to retain great ideas and review their own playing style. The DM-1 represents a fun, wide range package for any skill level and is a fantastic tool for the gigging musician who’d like to travel lightly and be able to fit a drum kit in just about any location.


The integrated drum sounds of the DM-1 cover various music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more. In creating these kits we took advice from accomplished professional drummers in addition to sampling sounds from some legendary popular kits that have been the signature sound of many popular artists over the years.


Enter a caption

OneKnob is a groundbreaking feature added to the DM-1 that integrates 3 different effects: Drive, Compress and Wet. OneKnob allows players to color their sound in real time to achieve their preferred tone. Easily rotating the knob will allow the players to try different effect combinations to create their favorite drum sounds.

The DM-1 is more than just an electronic drum set it’s also an electronic drum coach. The built-in coach function helps players keep track of their daily practice and helps improve skill step by step. The recording function can capture any idea or innovative beat at any time.

The brand new innovative structural design of the DM-1 makes it one of the smallest compact electronic drum sets available. You can easily find a spot for it in any corner of your house, fit it in the trunk of your car for easy transport and never have to worry about where you can set up when a gig calls for close quarters of the band. Don’t be fooled by its size, the DM-1 is strong enough to bear strikes from any hard-hitting playe

Want to record your beats to PC/Mac? Simply hook up a USB-MIDI cable with no extra hardware needed and you’re in business. You can also use the DM-1 together with various software applications to access additional features for playing, composing and performing

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Full range of Martin Guitars now in Stock

Martin Logo

We are delighted to announce our new Martin dealership . One of the most enduring brands of the guitar world the Martin name has been synonymous with excellence and development in acoustic music for almost 2 centuries .

Martin 2

With over 20 models to choose from  ranging from the Ultra affordable LX series starting at € 589 to the iconic D28 and beyond we’re sure you’ll find a model perfectly suited to your needs whether you’re a gentle fingerpicker , singer songwriter or accomplished rhythm player  .

Words alone cant describe the Martin experience , you need to hold one , play one , feel it resonate as you play , hear it fill the room with tones that only a Martin can give you so come on in and check them out for yourself .

Your music deserves the best , make the move to Martin now .


Click Here to view the our range of Martin Guitars



MArtin 4


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Great Value Christmas Keyboard Packs

If you’re thinking  of a Keyboard as a Christmas gift check out our amazing Keyboard pack deals offering all the best keyboards combined with must have accessories at amazing prices .

From total beginner to experienced players , home musicians to dynamic performers always on the move we have a Keyboard Pack to fit every need.

With Ireland’s largest selection of Keyboards and Digital Pianos we are happy to help you select the Keyboard package that best suits your needs this Christmas . Call into our Blanchardstown store and let us guide you through all the available options or email us with your query and we’ll be happy to give you our best recommendations  .

Click her to view our full range of Christmas Keyboard Package Deals


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Taylor guitars at Blanchardstown.

We have added lots of Taylor models to our range in our Blanchardstown Superstore.
Call in and our Taylor trained sales staff will be delighted to guide you through them!


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Waltons New School of Music enrolling

Waltons New School of Music is now enrolling for the coming Autumn term.
For information go to



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Waltons Music for Schools Competition

Due to circumstances beyond our control and the lack of a viable date for the 2018 Finalists Concert, unfortunately the 2018 Waltons Music for Schools Competition will not be going ahead.
We are definitely planning for a 2019 Competition, however, and we will contact all schools on our mailing list with details as early as possible in the new school year.
We appologise for this and look forward to some wonderful entries next year.
If you are not already on our mailing list, please email us if you would like to receive information on the 2019 Competition as soon as it becomes available.

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Waltons Georges Street is Moving to Blanchardstown

Dear customer,
Yes times are changing and we must change with them!
Waltons have been reviewing how best we can service our customers into the future. There are many changes in the retail landscape that have already come and more are on the way as the choices people have for the way they shop develop and the ways  their  needs are serviced changes. In the age of algorithms and robots the consumer has many choices. Waltons has been servicing a huge variety of customers music needs since the foundation of the State in 1922. This has been through global wars and peace, economic upturns and downturns, changes in music fashion and taste and dramatic changes in the range of instruments and music styles during the last 95 years. We fully intend to continue doing this in the future. But to do this we also need to evolve and adapt to the changing retail landscape.

The first step we will make is to move all our retail business into our Blanchardstown store and we will no longer operate from our South Great Georges st store. Waltons New School of Music will still operate from its Georges St. premises and will continue to service all of its students needs long into the future.

The reason  for this move is to restructure our business in a way that we will be able to offer our customers the best music choices possible at the best prices in the future. With the ever rising costs of doing business in the city centre we need to make sure that our cost base does not make us uncompetitive. We want to be able to give our Irish based customers the best instruments and accessories at the right price in Ireland. To do this we need to adapt and change. We are going nowhere and intend to be able to offer our customers choice and value for a long time to come.

As our Georges store will close (not our Georges st school, which will remain open) on the 12th of February we are having a moving sale. This is an in store sale only which will have plenty of discounts!

Niall Walton
Managing Director
Waltons Music

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Buy any Amp … Get a Martini Strat for ONLY €69

Buy any guitar amplifier at Waltons Music before Christmas and get a Martini Strat electric guitar for just €69! Check out our big brand amplifiers – Fender, Marshall, NuX, Beta 3, MesaBoogie, Epiphone and more…
Unbelievable deal  … ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Check out our website at or call in to our stores in Georges Street, Dublin city centre or our music superstore in Blanchardstown Shoping Centre.

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