New Cables from Legendary Pedal Maker MXR

Often Overlooked as a key element in preserving instrument tone ,choosing the correct lead can be a huge factor in getting the best possible sound from your instruments.

Having noticed that many standard cables seemed to degrade the sound to the point where the subtle enhancements of many of their famous pedals were being lost legendary pedal maker MXR set about designing their own range of cables to give the ultimate in tone , clarity and durability .

Feedback from their many MXR endorsees and users suggested that what most players wanted in a cable was high conductivity, low noise and a strong flexible outer shield that inhibits self tangling .

To meet this spec MXR’s engineers came up with a 24AWG oxygen-free copper core , 95% coverage spiral shielding to block out unwanted EMI and RFI interference and a heavy PVC outer jacket to ensure flexibility and protect against kinks and tangling.


Available in 10ft , 20ft and patch lengths with standard or pro connector types these cables are the last line in the battle to preserve the purity of tone of your cherished instrument .

Designed to take all the punishment a life on the road has to offer these cables will give pure un-coloured tone night after night gig after gig ,

No fancy colours , no flashy gold connectors that do nothing for your sound just good old fashion rock n roll tone and reliability ,you owe it to your instrument to check out these cables.

Click her to view the full range


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