Zoom F8 Field Recorder


Multitrack Filed recorders have been used in the film and broadcast industry for many years but have always been prohibitively expensive for anyone other than the elite of film location recording engineers and sound designers. With the launch of their F8 Filed recorders Japanese company Zoom have set a new benchmark for affordable high end Field recording at a fraction of the cost but very similar spec to all the competition. Now you can add pristine audio quality to your Film production or sound design set up giving your projects more edge and realism than ever possible before.

With Eight high quality Mic  inputs with  120db of dynamic range and phantom powering, built in timecode, recording up to 192 KHz on eight tracks, remote operation via iOS device, multiple power sources including a HI Rose external DC connector for maximum battery life when recording in the field.

All these amazing features are built in to a very compact 178( H ) x 54 ( W ) x 140 ( D ) brushed aluminium casing with a very solid and durable feel.

Zooms years as the world’s number 1 maker of handy recorders means that the F8’s operating system is their most highly evolved , intuitive and dynamic yet allowing real-time control of both mix level and mic gain per channel on the fly when recording in the field . Navigating the menus is a breeze with the settings for most functions exactly where you expect them to be.

Having worked very closely with many of the worlds most renowned Film Sound Recordists Zoom have produced a Field Recorder that opens up huge creative possibilities for anyone involved in location sound recording or sound design .

Available now at just €1069 call in to one of our stores to get the full hands on experience and discuss how the F8’s quality and flexibility can help to enhance your next project .





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