Premier Guitar Review Gives the Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah the Thumbs Up


Quick Hit: Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah
Built around a Fasel inductor, the Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini sounds fat, with a full, vocal sweep. Compared to a newer, full-size Cry Baby, it sounds every bit as good—if not better, since the internal switch lets you choose between low, vintage, and CB95 modes to tailor tones to your rig and style. I favored the way the low voicing tamed my trebly, Fender-centric rig.
Does it feel weird? Mostly not. It works and feels best with your foot situated as you would on a standard-sized wah—with the back of your arch over the fulcrum. You just have to get used to the ball of your foot and toes hanging over the top edge. You still have all the necessary leverage for slow sweeps and quarter-note funk dots. To avoid activating other pedals, you have to be careful about pedalboard placement, too. Overall, this Mini is as capable as it is cute.

Gear Editor Charles Saufley
April 2015

The Crybaby Mini is available in Waltons for just €133.50

Watch the video here:


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