NEW Epiphone FT350SCE now in stock

We just received the new Epiphone FT350SCE,

Epiphone have harnessed the power of Min-ETune… on an acoustic guitar! The  Epiphone FT350SCE is the world’s first self-tuning electro acoustic guitar using the Min-ETune system. Only recently made available on Epiphone Electric Guitars, the robotised Min-ETune is an amazingly fast and accurate way to tune your Epiphone guitar.










Min-ETune works with a a bit of clever machinery and highly accurate motorised tuners. The FT-350SCE allows you to tune to any one of 16 presets at the press of a button with custom tuning options programmable.

The Epiphone FT-350SCE also features a Shadow Performer preamp with Nanoflex pickup, and as you might expect from one of Epiphone’s new flagship acoustic guitars, a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and maple neck.

Click here more information on the etune



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