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Fender introduces new Classic Player Baja ’60s Telecaster, Classic Player Strat HH , Classic Player Triple Tele & Classic Player Rascal Bass

Former Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Chris Fleming has taken his previous design for the Classic Player Baja Telecaster and upgraded it with full-on 1960s features and vibe, including a rosewood fingerboard and a comfortable ’60s “C”-shaped neck profile. The guitar also features an alder body, 9.5” fingerboard radius and 21 medium jumbo frets, single coil American Vintage ’52 Tele (neck) and ’58 Tele (bridge) pickups with special four-way (including both pickups in series) and S-1 switching, three-ply pickguard, American Vintage string-through body Telecaster bridge with three brass “barrel” saddles, special Custom Shop neck plate engraving and more.





























Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov has designed an entirely new model for the Classic Player series that blends ’60s and ’70s styling with modern high-performance. The Classic Player Strat® HH has special touches including dual Wide Range Special humbucking pickups, five-way switching with coil splitting for more traditional single-coil Stratocaster sounds, and a sultry Dark Mercedes Blue gloss finish with a matching headstock. Other features include a maple neck with a comfortable ’60s “C”-shaped profile, bound rosewood fingerboard with 9.5” radius and 22 medium jumbo frets, three-ply black pickguard, two-point synchronized tremolo bridge with modern plate and vintage-style saddles, and vintage-style Fender “F”-stamped tuners.


























Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Todd Krause has designed an unusual take on the Telecaster for the Classic Player series. The high-performance Classic Player Triple Tele® rocks three slanted Nocaster single-coil bridge pickups for truly distinctive modern tone and the classic look of a black finish and pickguard paired with a one-piece maple neck/fingerboard. Other features include a thick “C”-shaped neck profile, 9.5” fingerboard radius and 21 vintage-style frets, five-way Stratocaster-style switching, vintage-style string-through-body bridge with three brass saddles, special Custom Shop neck plate engraving and more.

triple tele




























Originally created in the Fender Custom Shop by Master Builder Jason Smith, the Rascal Bass joins the Fender lineup as a sleek short-scale Classic Player model loaded with distinctive features and personality. With its ’60s-era Bass VI body, three Seymour Duncan® lipstick Stratocaster pickups, 30” scale and gorgeous gloss Ocean Turquoise finish with matching Coronado-style headstock, there’s no other Fender bass like the Rascal. Other premium features include a flat-sawn maple neck with a comfortable “C”-shaped profile, 9.5”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium jumbo frets and special inlay scheme (bass-side dot markers from 3rd to 9th frets, double dots at 12th fret, treble-side dot markers from 15th to 21st frets), vintage-style heel-end truss rod adjustment, white pearloid pickguard, five-way pickup switch with chrome “barrel” tip, push-pull master volume control that delivers seven pickup configurations, master tone control, distinctive bridge with four adjustable steel “barrel” saddles, vintage-style tuners and more.




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Gibson Collector Choice #18 Dutchburst available now

We received a stunning Collector Choice 18# Dutchburst Les Paul from Gibson (picture of the actual guitar below)

With the Custom Collector’s Choice series, Gibson asked some of the world’s most prominent collectors of rare instruments what their most prized guitars were – some belonging to very famous previous owners or simply being incredibly rare models – and using modern technology, they’ve recreated precise renditions. Now a very lucky few can buy their very own piece of Les Paul history.

With #18 in the series, comes a supremely cool 1960 Les Paul Standard that was originally finished in a Dark Burst finish, living out its life as a hard-working musician’s playing partner until it was sold on to its second owner in 2012. The model was bought in Holland in 1961 – acquiring its “Dutchburst” title – and spent countless hours in the hands of a guitarist who was part of a cruise-ship jazz trio. As a result of its long-life and the incredible care taken to keep it in perfect condition, the Dutchburst has developed a unique tonal character, as well as a distinctive aesthetic that makes it one of the most coveted Les Pauls in the world.

10352558_822614364429911_2890670327457507008_n 03AGIB-LP60CC18SBNH1

In order to make an exact copy of the beloved Dutchburst, the Gibson Custom team – working in co-operation with the current owner – used modern scanning technology to capture every minute detail, including: the precise curvature of the top, accurate renditions of each critical angle and curve on the body, the slender neck profile, and extensive testing of the delightfully balanced PAF humbuckers.


The Dutchburst’s body has been made from a single piece of solid, one-piece mahogany topped with a 2-piece, unique maple top. Each one was hand-selected to accurately emulate the look of the original. The mahogany/maple combination is the basis for that customary thick, full-bodied Les Paul tone, with miles of sustain, neatly clipped by a hint of snappiness, but always remaining clear and articulate throughout.


The perfectly calibrated neck is crafted from genuine mahogany with a maple spline, and carved to the slender ’60s profile taken from the original Dutchburst. Atop it rests a one-piece Indian rosewood fingerboard, adorned with nitrocellulose trapezoid inlays. The neck is cut to the classic 12″ radius, which is perfectly suited to smooth, effortless string bending. The gorgeous Cream binding blends in with the fret markers perfectly to create a delightfully comfortable and extremely fast neck. The nylon nut has been cut using the Gibson PLEK system, with absolute accuracy for consummate precision.


After spending countless hours testing the original PAFs in the Dutchburst, the Gibson Custom team designed and built two Custombuckers to accurately bring to life that enigmatic “burst-tone”. The pickups can be controlled using the three-way tone selector switch, as well as the traditional tone knob arrangement consisting of two Volume Controls and two Tone Controls with “Bumblebee” capacitors.


Kluson Deluxe Green Key double-band tuners ensure that strings are kept firmly in tune, no matter how hard you rock out. The head has been angled to Gibson’s tried and tested 17 degrees, guaranteeing that string tension is maintained between the tuning machines and nut – aiding in the delivery of a highly resonant tone and fantastic sustain. The headstock features the vintage Black and White bell-shaped truss rod cover, just below the Gibson Pearl inlay.

To provide a firm seating for the strings and to allow easy attenuation of intonation and string height adjustment, an ABR-1 nickel-plated thumbwheel bridge is fitted. The bridge is coupled with the nickel-plated, lightweight aluminium stopbar tailpiece to enhance and support the strings’ connection to the body. Vintage Gold Gibson Top Hats with silver inserts are employed in the roles of the two independent volume and two independent tone controls.


Short of going back in time, the Dutchburst offers the closest possible rendition of an outstanding ’60s Dark Burst finish. The Gibson Custom team have meticulously hand-aged the finish to match the hard-earned character of the 50+ years old Les Paul, right down to the subtle rubbing on the top.

The Dutchburst comes with its very own brown exterior, Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case. Whether you’re at home, in the studio, at a gig or on the road, your pride and joy is well-protected in its bespoke case. Gibson have also included an engraved and leather bound certificate of authenticity for each model, as well as an extra switch plate in the case.

With painstaking accuracy, the Gibson Custom Team have reproduced a heavenly instrument that truly embodies the classic Dark Burst Les Paul of the early 1960s – from the distinctive look to the enigmatic tone -, a fitting tribute to a guitar that is a perfect example of what a Les Paul could be – a workhorse and a beauty.

Gibson have stated that a limited run of up to 300 models will be made, but this is dependent on the availability of appropriate materials, so act fast to avoid disappointment and secure yours today.

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Zoom TAC2 Audio Interface now in stock

In today’s world, speed is everything. The blazingly fast Zoom TAC-2 interface uses the latest Thunderbolt™ technology for ultra-low latency and the ultimate in high-quality audio, up to 24-bit/192kHz. Lightweight and portable, yet rugged enough for the road, the TAC-2 is also easy to use, with a single large rotary knob controlling all parameters. Whether using it in your home studio or on the road, you can rely on your TAC-2 to deliver pristine audio.

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Focusrite introduces Itrack dock studio pack

itrack dock







iTrack Dock is a comprehensive, studio-quality iPad recording interface that acts as the hub of your iPad recording studio. Featuring dual legendary Focusrite microphone preamps, along with two line inputs and an instrument DI with plenty of extra headroom, stereo monitor outputs with 105dB dynamic range plus independently-controlled headphone outputs, and a USB port for class compliant MIDI instruments and controllers, iTrack Dock gives you everything you need to record, monitor and control music on your iPad – with precision Focusrite digital conversion at up to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling. And at the same time it charges and powers your iPad.

more information at

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New Apextone items just in

We’ve just received more Apextone items such as Pop Filters, microphone shockmounts, dual microphone mounts, horizontal guitar hangers, music stands & music lights, all available online & in the shops now.

see the full range below


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Epiphone introduces Pro-1 Collection Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone proudly presents the PRO-1 Collection – four groundbreaking new acoustic guitars fully equipped with innovative trademark features designed to make playing guitar and learning new chords simple! The PRO-1 Collection is made to be easy to play and easy to tune, yet still remain a dependable and superb sounding instrument that players will want for life.


The PRO-1 Acoustic Collection is designed by Epiphone luthiers with consultation by pros from every musical genre. The PRO-1 guitars are not just the new ground-breaking “student” guitars, but the first in a new line of totally “pro” instruments that combine classic styling and bold new features, making it easy to play from the first note. There’s no “breaking-in” time with the PRO-1 Acoustic Collection – thanks to Epiphone, your first guitar will also be one of your best guitars.

“All of us at Epiphone are guitar players and we thought it was time that novice players have an excellent, affordable instrument they can learn on and still want to keep as they improve their skills,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. “While designing the PRO-1 Collection, we took our combined knowledge about what makes a great guitar and merged it with cutting edge technology and design that could only come from Epiphone.”

Ask anyone why they ever quit learning to play guitar and you’ll hear comments like… “I could never get it in tune,” “My fingers hurt too much,” or “It was hard to play so I just gave up.”

Epiphone listened to beginners’ feedback and completely rethought the process of building a great acoustic guitar from top to bottom. The result is the PRO-1 Acoustic Collection featuring cutting-edge instruments made to be played right away without the long “breaking in” period that used to make learning how to play the guitar difficult. Now with the Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Collection, everyone can enjoy playing guitar from the first chord. Drawing on over 140 years of experience, Epiphone has practically re-invented the acoustic guitar to create an instrument that’s easy for players to get started on with the full, vibrant sound that Epiphone is known for.

The Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Collection includes four new instruments, each with a unique voice and style; the PRO-1 Classic, the PRO-1 dreadnaught, the PRO-1 Plus featuring a Solid Spruce Top inspired by Epiphone’s Masterbilt guitars and the PRO-1 Ultra featuring the ground breaking Shadow® Performer™ preamp and NanoFlex™ pickup system – the best acoustic amplification system in the business.


PRO-1 Classic
The PRO-1 Classic is modeled after the world’s great classical guitars and features the same tonewoods used to make the best classical instruments including a Select Cedar top. The PRO-1 Classic’s balanced sound and professional features makes it easy for anyone to discover their unique “voice” on guitar. With the PRO-1 Classic, Epiphone makes one of the most challenging (and most rewarding) instruments easy for everyone.


The PRO-1 is a “dreadnought” style acoustic guitar – one of the most well-recognized acoustic guitar profiles in the world and a style that Epiphone has been perfecting since 1932. Known for their incredible volume and tonal range, the PRO-1 features the same classic profile and tonewoods with a reduced body depth, making it easier and more comfortable to hold and play.


PRO-1 Plus
The PRO-1 Plus is inspired by Epiphone’s legendary Masterbilt Series and is renowned for its beautiful styling and superior tone. The PRO-1 Plus includes all of the PRO-1 Collection’s breakthrough design features and also has a Solid Spruce Top that “ages” over time for a rich mellow sound that gives the PRO-1 Plus the same “voice” as world most famous vintage Epiphones like the Texan.


PRO-1 Ultra
When you’re ready to play live, the PRO-1 Ultra plugs in to any size PA or amplifier with the Shadow Performer preamp and NanoFlex pickup system, the same pickup system found in Epiphone’s legendary Masterbilt guitars and many other classic Epiphones. With the PRO-1 Collection’s innovative features and professional high-end pickup system not found in other value instruments, the PRO-1 Ultra puts you in the top class of players.

Epiphone’s four PRO-1 Acoustic guitars feature all of the PRO-1’s revolutionary breakthroughs in sound and design making every PRO-1 guitar easy to play. Each guitar includes a Humidifier, eMedia Online lessons, and a Guitar Beginner’s Guide. A separate PRO-1TM Accessory kit with extra strings, tuner, strap, and polish is also available when you buy a PRO-1.


PRO-1 Collection Specs:

  • JumboPRO frets and Epiphone Light Gauge Strings that make holding down strings and learning chords easy and painless
  • PRO-1 shorter scale length neck to make the strings “looser” and easier to play
  • EZ-Profile “C” shape neck allows for comfortable play with less fatigue
  • PRO-Ease Lubricant neck finishes for that “worn in” feel – from day one, your PRO-1 feels like a guitar you’ve played for years
  • EZ-String Bridge that doesn’t require string pins
  • Epiphone “Deluxe” Tuners with a more precise 18:1 ratio that makes tuning easy, intuitive, and best of all, rock solid
  • Dual Action Truss Rod for perfect action and intonation
  • GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, made from hard and resonant TUSQ material which increases the guitar’s volume and harmonic “voice” for superior intonation
  • Custom PRO-Prietary bracing which allows the guitar “top” (the voice of any great guitar) to resonate freely while still keeping its strength and its tone in any environment
  • Smaller body thickness that makes all the PRO-1 guitars more comfortable to hold and use


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Focusrite are proud to announce a new addition to the Scarlett Family: Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Focusrite has unveiled the latest addition to its Scarlett range of audio interfaces, the compact, 2-in/2-out Scarlett Solo.

The interface features the same pre-amps and distinctive red chassis as the larger models in the Scarlett range, but is compact and portable in size.


Focusrite Scarlett Solo features:

  • 2-in/2-out USB interface
  • 106dB dynamic range, -125dB EIN and -97dB THD
  • Genuine Focusrite Scarlett mic pre
  • High headroom instrument input: +14dBu
  • 24-bit audio with sample rates up to 96kHz
  • Direct latency-free monitoring

you can enquire about it at or talk to one of our specialists in the shops.

more information below

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Epiphone Matt Heafy Les Paul Signature now in stock

We received a very limited quantity of the Epiphone 6 string Matt Heafy signature ,

complete with active Emg pick ups and kill switch!

now available online & in the shops.


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€100s off guitars at Waltons Music!


Huge reductions on Gibson., Epiphone and LAG Electric Guitars in our Sale. Very limited stock available so don’t delay! Click on the images to check out these bargains. Limited availability so don’t delay!


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Waltons New School of Music launches Course + Instrument Packages for Beginners Group Courses!

courseplusinstrument.jpg_Thumbnail0Beat the back-to-school blues and check out the Special Discounted Course + Instrument Packages at Waltons New School of Music  – in association with Waltons music shops . These apply to most of the  group courses for beginners and provide students with everything they’ll need, delivered to their homes at no charge before the courses begin – and at discounted prices! Including beginner courses for Children, Adults and Teens from violin, 5-string Banjo to Bodhrán and Tin Whistle. You’ll find the course you’ve been dreaming of at Waltons New School of Music! Click here for more information.

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