Gibson 225naturalHere’s a flavour of one of the new range of Gibsons just into Waltons! The Gibson N-225 Electric Guitar @ €899 is an all-new Gibson design that is for guitarists who want to stand out! The striking looks aren’t all this axe is about though. A P-90 pickup in the neck and Dirty Fingers Plus pickup in the bridge with coil tapping provides a huge array of sounds that can handle anything from country to blues to heavy metal.  The unique double cutaway chambered Maple body with split diamond F-holes is a new design from Gibson that will turn some heads and provide great playing comfort. A short Lyre tailpiece gives the N-225 guitar a vintage vibe that is loads of fun to play with! Stay tuned for more new models for you to relish!

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  1. frankie rodriguez

    this is the one I’ve been playin’ at the shop and yep, It’s a very versatile setup. played through roland cosm technology can really be from traditional blues sound to a really fat hard stuff. the tremolo kinda helps too though.

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