NEW Kurzweil CUP 2 Digital Piano


The new Kurzweil CUP 2 boasts the most natural acoustic sound & feel combined with world-class digital technology. You won’t believe it’s not an acoustic piano! The latest addition to Kurzweil’s growing family of home digital pianos, offers a contradiction that most players will surely welcome; a top of the line, powerful sound system in what seems to be an impossibly small, discreet enclosure.
Here are 6 reasons why the Kurzweil CUP 2 is out on its own:
1 Top of the line, powerful sound system in the smallest, most discrete enclosure
2 Weighted keys for incredible acoustic feel
3 Unrivalled natural piano sound in a digital
4 Complete range from Kurzweil PC3 88 onboard
5 Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano is front and centre (with a dedicated button)
6 World-class sounds in every category: rich strings & orchestral sounds; realistic electric pianos, drums, basses, guitars and synthesized sounds.


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