ImageTo celebrate the unveiling of Schertler’s amazing ‘Yellow Blender’, Schertler is giving you the chance to win a ‘Yellow Blender’ in a fantastic draw with €4,000 worth of many fantastic prizes, including a selection of superb Schertler acoustic pickups, preamps, contact mics and more. The competition will run from July 1st, 2012 and closes August 31st, 2012. To be in the competition draw simply visit Waltons Music store on South Great George’s St., Dublin 2, try out the Yellow Blender and fill out the feedback form provided!
The full list of prizes include:
1. Yellow Blender Class-A Preamp & Mixer/Blender
2. Yellow Blender Single Class-A Preamp
3. Dyn-G Pickup – plugs straight into desk mic or acoustic instrument amplifier.
4. 2 x Wireless LB229 instrument systems
5. Basik Road Universal Contact Pickup
6. 2 x Basik Sets – includes Basik pickups, mono connector, contact paste, phantom powering adapter & 1.5V battery.
7. 5 x Active DIs – connects output directly from amps, keyboards, etc. to mixer without mic & no hum loops.
8. Passes to Musikmesse / NAMM 2013
9. 5 x Gadget Swiss Army Knives
10. 9 x Gadget Baseball Hats
To see more about this terrific competition click here.


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