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Gibson Introduce 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom ‘Black Beauty’

Gibson Custom has announced the availability of the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom ‘Black Beauty’. Way more than just a looker, though, the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom is also armed to the teeth for tonal splendor. Equipped exactly like the originals, it carries the legendary pairing of Tune-o-matic (ABR-1) bridge and stopbar tailpiece developed by Ted McCarty to give added adjustability and sustain to the first Black Beauty, along with the kidney button Grover Rotomatic tuners that were considered a major upgrade back in the day.

The “Black Beauty” debuted late in 1953 to instant acclaim, but it would be a few years before the design would reach its zenith. The 1960 Les Paul Custom, upgraded with two gold-plated PAF humbucking pickups and a super-fast, slim neck, is often considered the epitome of the breed—and its back and dressed for the ball, in the form of the Gibson Custom Shop’s new 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom. Just like the original—intended to emulate the tux a jazz artist would wear to perform at a formal function—the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom has a high-gloss nitrocellulose Ebony finish, multi-ply binding on body and headstock, an ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl block markers, a larger headstock with mother-of-pearl split-diamond inlay, and gold-plated hardware throughout.

A pair of Gibson’s BurstBucker humbucking pickups—a #1 in the neck for smooth, articulate tones and a #2 in the bridge for more sting and punching power—accurately represent the legendary PAFs of the late ’50s and early ’60s, and are made with unpolished alnico magnets and coils that are wound with unequal turns of 42-gauge enamel-coated wire to induce that single-coil like bite and edge of the originals. To top it all off, routing them through high-quality CTS pots and “bumblebee” tone capacitor keeps your signal sweetly vintage. Just as significant, though, are the details that you don’t see: the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom is built with the long neck tenon that gave added resonance and sustain to the original, its period-correct nylon nut is cut on the PLEK for ultimate accuracy, and beneath the guitar’s gloss Ebony finish lies a body carved from one piece of solid mahogany, a tonewood known for its blend of warmth, richness and clarity.

Produced in extremely limited numbers in 1960, original Black Beauties are nigh on impossible to come by today. With its historically accurate details and appointments, the Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom is the finest replication of the model that has ever been produced. Each example comes with a plush-lined Gibson Custom hardshell case, a Certificate of Authenticity, and full owner’s literature.

For more information, please visit or


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Brad Paisley j-45 Signature announced

In celebration of his dedication to the instrument, and his achievements in his field, Gibson presents the Brad Paisley Model, a custom-appointed acoustic guitar from the luthiers of Bozeman, Montana. Constructed in the image of the beloved J-45 “round-shouldered” dreadnought with Paisley’s own preferences for a prized solid Adirondack Red Spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, and one-piece custom mahogany neck with “modified V” profile and 24 3/4”-scale rosewood fingerboard, it’s a sultry instrument on par with the best pre-War Gibson flat-tops, yet equipped as a top-flight performance machine for today’s professional.

Only 300 Brad Paisley Model guitars will be produced by Gibson, and each one comes with a formfitting hardshell case with plush blue lining, an owner’s manual, Gibson’s Gold Warranty, label personally signed by Brad Paisley, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

you can see Brad using it in the following video

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Stock Update: Zoom r16, G2.1NU & G2NU/ New Dunlop Products

The Zoom R16 have finally landed  and we can tell you it was worth the wait!

We also received in the brand new G2.1NU & G2NU.

Last but not least we just took delivery of the new Jerry Cantrell wah, the MXR custom comp, the 75 Vintage Phaser 45,  MXR m82 Bass envelope filter and more.

All products are available online and will be in the shops shortly.

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Stock Update: Kurzweil back in stock

Kurzweil keyboards & digital pianos are now back into stock.

Introducing the Mark Pro2 iS lifestyle digital piano, available shortly in our shops.

More information available here

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Stock Update: Student Violins, new SX guitar bags, Gypsy Rose Ukulele kits

We just received the following new products:

SX bags for dreadnought & Jumbo guitars.

new Gypsy Rose ukulele kits, complete with stickers & bag.

Both available now online and in our shops.

Additionaly Student violins from Valencia are back into stock in all sizes.

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New Zoom products due in shortly

We are expecting the following exciting new Zoom products

G2nu & G2.1nu.

With 30 models of amazing amplifier sounds with mind-blowing realism and inspiring expressiveness, a USB audio interface for direct recording using DAW software, and a rhythm machine, looper function and more, G2Nu/G2.1Nu gives you everything you need for live performance, studio session or productive practice. Get premium performance in an all-in-one pedal.

More info here

The brand new R16 will also be arriving at the same time

The R16 provides three production solutions for making great recordings: a portable, multi-track recorder, USB audio interface and controller surface. Record tracks with the MTR and mix them with DAW software. Lightweight and battery operated, the R16 goes everywhere you need it.

More information on the R16 are available here

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Stock Update: Gibson Joan Jett Blackheart

The new Joan Jett Blackheart Melody Maker is now available to see and try in our George street shop.

Jett got her own original Melody Maker back in 1977 and she has since made it one of the most iconic instruments in rock and roll. It’s the same guitar she used when she was in the renowned band The Runaways and then played on all of her hits including I Love Rock n’ Roll, Bad Reputation and Do You Wanna Touch Me.

Gibson joan jett blackheart melody maker

The Double Cutaway Melody Maker in black features the Mini Grover LP style with a buffed neck for a smooth feel when playing some licks. Going beyond the basic look, Gibson USA adds to the style of the guitar to include features that exude Jett’s personality as the neck is adorned with black heart and red dot inlays and Jett’s own signature on the truss rod cover.

For sound, the A Zebra Coil BurstBucker 3 accounts for versatility. Each comes in a Joan Jett hard shell case.

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Stock Update: Introducing new MIDI controllers & Pad

We just received a new range of MIDI  Controllers comprising of a 25, 49 & 61 key keyboards and a 16 pad controller. The perfect companions for your home-studio.

You can check them out in the shops and online, click Here to see the complete range

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Stock Update: Gibson Les Paul 2008

Les Paul Standard 2008 have just landed available in Desert burst,

Les Paul Traditional are also available In Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Honeyburst, Ebony, Light Burst.

Melody Makers are also available in Vintage Sunburst & Ebony.

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new Dunlop strings now in stock & information

As the world’s #1 guitar accessories manufacturer, Dunlop often received requests from their customers to make guitar strings. Having been well known for producing the best picks and accessories, they wanted to make the best strings and not get lost in the crowd. Not an easy feat in the least. But because of Dunlop dedication to quality, experience in the industry and passion for tone, they put their nose to the grindstone until they developed something that would turn heads. What Dunlop came up with was a combination of traditional/fundamental content with modern lower tension, crisp top end and punchy low end with a smooth tactile feel. Bottom line? Dunlop strings sound and feel amazing. Dunlop are proud to make Dunlop Strings, in what is a natural progression to expanding and developing a complete line of Dunlop quality guitar accessories. So what makes Dunlop strings different?

Dunlop produce their strings at home, in Benicia, CA.

That’s right. It’s rare these days to know where your purchase is coming from. But with Dunlop strings you can rest assured that because they’re made in Dunlop facilities at their headquarters, the level of quality control is at maximum and the handling is diligent– Dunlop take great care through every step of the process.

Materials and machinery

Dunlop choose high quality materials that are thoroughly inspected and stored in a humidity-controlled environment which are handled with cotton gloves; best of all, they’re wound on state of the art hot-rodded  machinery.


From the angle and speed at which Dunlop wrap their strings to the temperature of the climate-controlled room, every aspect of the production has a specific effect on the combination of crisp highs, aggressive mids, and a focused low end. Dunlop’s custom core-to-wrap formulas produce strings that have a feel, tension and tone that are all their own.

Keeping it fresh

Strings are sometimes susceptible to moisture and corrosion, resulting in tarnished strings and a loss of brilliance in tone. To help make sure this doesn’t happen Dunlop has found a way to keep their strings fresh from the time they leave the factory to the moment when you string them on your guitar; so you can get a fresh set of every time. The VCI packaging includes a vapor corrosion inhibitor sealed in an airtight lock to keep humidity and oxidation out – which ensures freshness as the same day it was wound.


Heavy Core Strings are uniquely designed for the player that enjoys higher tension at standard tuning or normal tension at dropped tunings. The proprietary core-to-wrap ratios are meticulously calculated so the player can really “dig in” while retaining sound fundamentals. Heavy Core® Strings, like all Dunlop Strings are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.TIPSHeavy: This is a balanced tension set, so when used in detune style it keeps the feel of a normal set in standard tuning. It works perfectly when tuned down a half step (D#, A#, F#, C#, G#, D#). And then you can still detune the lower D#  to C# as you would do in a “drop D-style”!Heavier: The Heavier sets work very well if you’re looking for a higher tension set compared to standard 10-46. They’re great if you play one full step down (D, A, F, C, G, D).Heaviest: This gauge is very effective for drop B tuning and tuning at one and half steps down (C#, G#, E, B, F#, C#).Click here for more info


A unique combination of crisp highs, aggressive mids, and a focused low end gives Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings a voice all their own. The Dunlop recipe for string-to-string balance and responsiveness produces string sets that are perfect for dynamic lead work, while notes in a chord ring out clearly whether clean or heavily distorted. This powerful voice is delivered in a low tension string with a smooth tactile feel that breaks in fast and lasts a long time. Available in all popular gauges including light top/heavy bottom 9’s and 10’s.Click here for more info


Every set of Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Strings delivers brilliant and rich tone for a dynamic and expressive acoustic experience. The finest wire combined with precise construction produce versatile strings durable enough to withstand hard strumming—and responsive enough for delicate fingerpicking. Chords ring out with great clarity, bass notes growl, and harmonics pop and sing. Dunlop’s formula creates strings that are exceptionally long-lived, they break in fast and stay bright so you can spend more time playing and less time changing your strings. Available in two varieties—warm and full bodied phosphor bronze and bright and crisp 80/20 Bronze in all popular gauges. Click here for more info


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